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Filter Replacement

This provides a one-trip call in order to install a Filter that has been predetermined to need replacement. A picture of the current installation can reduce additional trip charges due to some unforeseen part or adapter needed.

One on-site visit includes:

  • Verify GFCI Branch circuit protection.

  • Remove the old filter.

  • Plumb in the filter. (materials are extra)

  • Inspect and assemble the filter.

  • Add a water pump/prime system.

  • Visually look over equipment to verify if the system runs correctly.

  • Haul away old filter to recycle whatever materials can be.

This price assumes that there is a pad in place to put a new filter and that the plumbing is PVC. If these conditions are not present there will be additional charges to put a pad in or to adapt to copper plumbing.
All materials needed to install the new filter are at an additional charge. This installation does not include the installation of valves or any other components (those are an additional fee).

* Sand Filters will be left on-site adjacent to the filter system due to tremendous weight and time needed to remove.  If a customer wishes it to be removed, it will cost between $100 & $200 and is bid at the job site upon installing the new filter.

​​Warranty: filters purchased through All Clear come with a 1 to 10-year replacement guarantee through the manufacturer depending on filter and manufacturer (we act as an intermediary on your behalf) this warranty is from date of installation or purchase. Please visit manufacturers websites to confirm the actual warranty or see paperwork left with you on-site.

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