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Troubleshoot Gas Pool Heater Operation

One on-site Tech II or higher visit to perform the following:

  • Test voltage going to heater.

  • Bypass electronic control circuit to isolate heater.

  • Verify safety loop condition. 

  • Determine if any component has malfunctioned.

  • Check igniter or pilot burner.

  • Check for flame rectification.

  • If needed check gas pressure and volume.

  • Provide estimate of what repairs are needed.

When troubleshooting a large gas appliance, there are many separate components in the safety loop. Once it is determined that the voltage stops at one of these components, we verify if the failure is being caused by a condition of the main equipment or has this safety switch failed, then provide an estimate for that part or to fix the condition causing it.

Occasionally there are issues with a heater that cannot be seen until after the initial part is replaced. For example, the heater will not light without the functioning switches so we cannot always troubleshoot further upon finding a failed switch. The initial call and the call to replace the other part will include the time for further troubleshoot on that trip, however it does not include additional trips with subsequent parts needed or the price of the parts needed

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