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Gas Pool Heater Installation


One on-site Tech II or higher visit to perform the following:

  • Verify Gas supply, confirm correct heater purchased, ( Nat gas or Propane)

  • Verify there are no openable windows within 5 ft. of heater exhaust.

  • Remove old heater cut plumbing disconnect gas and electric.

  • Plumb in Heater with PVC pipe.

  • Connect and modify the gas line to fit the heater. (no flex lines are used)

  • inspect electrical conduit and reconnect to new heater.

  • connect to any automated controls

  • Verify operation and show the client how to work the heater.

  • Haul away and attempt to recycle old Heater *

* haul away and removal only if does not need any removal of fencing or it does not need to be lifted over a wall.

This installation price assumes there was an existing gas heater in the location.  We provide basic plumbing to connect the heater, if valves need replacing then those are at additional labor and parts charge. 


Plumbing limited to five-foot total distance and gas piping no more than 2 ft. of modification.  For Odd installations, where the heater may be mounted further from the pool equipment pad, a visual site inspection is required to provide an estimate.


Warranty.  All manufacturers warranties apply.  See manufacturers manual for terms and conditions.  All Clear Pool & Spa is a warranty station for all heaters we sell and install. 

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