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Replacement of pool light fixture


One On-Site Visit of Repair Tech I or higher to perform the following:

  • Check for GFCI branch circuit protection (main Panel)

  • Verify power is going through GFCI that protects the light circuit.

  • Verify power is going through switch and that power is to light at the junction box.

  • Disconnect power to the light at the junction box.

  • Remove one light from Niche,

  • Cut the cord at the light, and splice to new light cord.  tape this connection.

  • Pull the new cord through the conduit using old cord. 

  • Disconnect the old cord and connect power at the junction box.  Test circuit.

Additional charges may be necessary if the following conditions occur:

  • The pilot screw is stripped or breaks off when attempting to remove it.

  • There is no bond wire attachment to niche or scotchkote coating is missing

  • Pool light access is limited, such as too low in pool

  • The cord is stuck in conduit, this can be very problematic see below.

Note: Cord becoming stuck

This is not common but can occur in about 3-5% of the lights we replace. Pool lights circuits have been done differently by different builders at different times. All pool lights have a conduit ran from a junction box to the pool niche which is where the light mounts. The light is immersed in water all the time as is the cord. The light cord and a very thick bond wire (#8 coated solid copper) are pulled through a conduit normally 1" sometimes 3/4" this is a tight fit and over time the cord can swell depending on water chemistry and other factors. If a light cord becomes stuck there may be additional labor in order to get it pulled out. I have had occasions where the whole bond wire had to be removed then all pulled through, that can require up to four hours to do with two techs on-site and is bid by the hour. I have had a few occasions where the light cord could not be removed, that there was corrosion in the conduit and it was hopelessly stuck. It is rare, however, it can occur.
Guarantee: All new light assemblies installed from All Clear come with a one-year labor guarantee if the light fails for reasons other than misuse, dry firing, or neglect and is found to be under warranty with the manufacturer. All Clear will replace or fix the light. The manufacturer's warranty and conditions apply. There can be additional charges if the cord is stuck or the other conditions mentioned above occur.

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