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  • Start-up Chemicals are additional if the pool is not chemically balanced when signing up for service.

  • Pool Sweep and Timer are required in order to start service.

  • Limited service area.

  • Prices are subject to change.

  • Homes on over 1 acre of land, require a $20 rural fee be charged with any level of service.

  • Black Algae is not covered under any of our pool service contracts, it is caused by holes in the plaster surface. Treatment can be provided at additional cost.


  • All posted rates are for average size pools below 30,000 gallons, Algae guarantee applies to pools located in maintained landscape areas.

  • Pools, where the area around the pool is not maintained, may incur additional charges for algae blooms.

  • Pools that have poor drainage and therefore flooded pools where rainwater brings contaminated water into the pool will incur any cleanup charges incurred.

  • Maintaining water levels is always the client's responsibility.  If you need to have water added we have devices to help with that issue.

  • No replacement parts or repair labor is included in service.  Bids will be provided as items are needed.


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