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  • Do pool covers save water?
    Yes, Results from a study performed in response to the California drought show that certain pool covers can significantly reduce water loss due to evaporation when they are in place. Click here for more details
  • What areas do you offer service?
    ​We offer a very detailed zip code list in the service section under service areas, Please check there to see if we service your particular area. We cannot expand beyond the areas listed, to maintain the quality and reliability our customers expect. For further questions please call (916) 686-7665 ext. 2 Zip Codes We Service
  • ​Do you service above ground pools?
    ​No, unfortunately most above ground pools do not have the large filter systems necessary to have reliable filtration and circulation that we need to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Do you service vinyl pools?
    No, due to the inability to see previous chemical damage to liners and the fact that we can be held liable as they become brittle and tear.
  • My equipment is not running and I do not have a sweep, will you still service my pool?"
    No, it is critical a pool has good circulation, filtration and agitation (scrubbing) of the surface in order to prevent algae. All pools must have a working timer, pump, cleaner and filter in so that we can reduce algae growth in between visits.
  • Do you perform service for just 2 weeks while we are on vacation?
    We can, however, we CAN NOT be responsible for any condition of the pool. On this type of temporary service, we charge twice our normal rate and it does not include any filter maintenance. We will check the sweep bag, clean the baskets, and check sweep operation. If you would prefer the filter cleaned, that is an additional fee ($50 - $75) if it is a cartridge filter system. If the pool has algae upon the first trip, there is an additional charge for chemicals needed/used.
  • Do you offer summer only service?
    We can do this, however the rates posted are for year round rates, if a customer is interested in summer only the rates are increased by 25%. If a client chooses to cancel for the winter, then wants to start up in spring there is $150 start up fee to re-sign up on service which includes a spring tune up and cleaning of the cartridge filter. It is the only fair way to handle this because we use the majority of chemicals in summer and it is not fair to basically have us service the pool six months then let it sit and damage the plaster and cause algae. This fee is in addition to any algae clean up fees that may be required.
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