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Pool Sweep Troubleshoot

One on-site visit from a repair tech I or higher to perform the following:

  • Verify proper flow or vacuum is going to sweep

  • Check for possible blockage in screens or wall fitting.

  • Verify correct valve positions for seep operation

  • Determine if system may need filter cleaning or further maintenance

  • Inspect hoses for loss of pressure or vacuum

  • If system passes all tests, tech will bring in sweep head unit to our closest store. Retail store will then contact for estimate of parts needed to repair sweep.

It will be the customers responsibility to pick up sweep once it is repaired.  If desired an additional call can be scheduled for us to return the pool sweep, However it is an additional charge to do so.

Warranty:  If a customer decides within 30 days that they would rather purchase a new pool sweep due to dissatisfaction of sweep performance, then the amount of the repair parts will be credited towards a new pool sweep purchased from All Clear. This excludes bags as they are used upon installation. 

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