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Motor Replacement


This provides a one-trip call in order to install a motor that has been predetermined to need replacement. Either we provided an on-site motor troubleshoot, or the pool owner has or will provide the pictures needed in order to determine what is needed to avoid the initial troubleshoot call. All parts billed at additional cost.

One on-site visit includes:

  • Check for proper voltage and making sure the motor is bad.

  • Inspection of the branch circuit to determine if a GFCI breaker is required.

  • Removal of old pump motor from the pump housing

  • Inspection of all internal components. including impeller, pump seals gaskets, seal plate and adaptors.

  • Reassembly of pump including installation of new seals and installation of the mechanical shaft seal.

  • Testing pump for leaks and doing a general look over of the system.

If it is determined you have other components that have been damaged due to heat or corrosion. We will then provide you with an estimate to return with the parts needed in order to complete the repair. We will normally leave the pump apart for the customer to inspect the components if desired. This additional trip is at an additional charge of $49. and will normally be rescheduled as soon as we have the part available. If the part is at our Elk Grove location we will expedite a return trip within 72 hours.

Warranty: Motors purchased through All Clear come with a 2-year replacement guarantee through the manufacturer. (we act as an intermediary on your behalf) this warranty is from the date of installation or purchase. Any motor installed by All Clear will come with a 30 day full in- field Labor warranty if pump seals failed and the motor is leaking from where it connects to the pump. This warranty covers the mechanical pump seal, Gaskets and O-rings.*

Although it is rare, sometimes when inspecting the pump internals it cannot be determined that a
seal plate or housing needs to be replaced and it makes sense to always try them if there is no sign of a crack or damage. In the event that the housing is cracked or the seal plate is warped or out of alignment it may still leak. If that is determined. We will provide you an estimate to come back out with the parts in order to reseal the pump. This is less than 5% of the time and the other components to a pump can be rather expensive which is why we do not automatically replace these components on each motor replacement.

* Replacement as long as the damage was not caused by the pump running dry. These components are always covered with water so there is no reason they will heat up or show any signs of heat damage unless the pump runs dry.  This will be visible, in heat damage to plastic components and vulcanization of rubber. If we determine that the damage was caused by heat in the first 30 days we will offer a 50% off labor and 30% off the replacement parts that are needed to bring it back to compliance.  The tech will then look over the system to see if there is a cause they can see that caused it to run dry besides water level. The first 15 minutes of this troubleshooting is a customer courtesy. if the tech determines more time is necessary he will provide an estimate of what is causing it or what needs to be repaired.
All Clear provides a 90-day total satisfaction guarantee on all motor replacements. If you are unhappy with the motor replacement or determine you want the energy savings a variable speed pump provides. All Clear will credit all parts sold in motor repair towards a new variable speed pump installation.

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