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Pump Not Priming, No Circulation or Flow

One On-Site Visit of Repair Tech I or higher to perform the following:

  • Verify for GFCI branch circuit protection.

  • Verify pump motor coming on

  • Analyze system hydraulics to see if excessive pressure. 

  • Verify valves are in correct position

  • Check to see if pump impeller is clogged.   

  • Conduct vacuum test to determine if suction leak or clogged line

  • Inspect Pump O-rings on suction side for bypass. 

  • Determine if filter is dirty and needs to be cleaned or cartridges replaced.

  • Verify water level

  • Inspect skimmer weir for broken weir or obstruction

Upon these inspections if it is determined that a part is needed that is not common or on our repair trucks then an estimate will be provided for us to install part and continue troubleshooting or the client may come in an pick up (new o/ring pump lid etc.)  and install it themselves to save the return trip fee.
This service call is limited to 1/2 hour of on-site troubleshoot time.   depending on the complexity of the pool, sometimes additional time is needed to provide an estimate of exactly what the issue is.  If that is the case we will contact the homeowner prior to continuing beyond the general service call fee.

Warranty:  This type of troubleshoot is limited to the cause of the issue on the date of the service call, the conditions of a pool can change rapidly. If a pump is sealing today it may have an object adhere to the pump lid the next time its opened, which will cause the system to lose prime or the water level in the pool can be too low. If the system is running correctly upon the tech leaving any subsequent issues will be an additional service call to troubleshoot.

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