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Variable Speed Pump Installation


This provides a one-trip call in order to install a variable speed pump that has been predetermined to need replacement.  A picture of the current installation can reduce additional trip charges due to some unforeseen part or adapter needed.

One on-site visit includes:

  • Verify GFCI Branch circuit protection.

  • Verify that the variable speed model is the best choice for the pool.

  • Cut out old pump, remove conduit

  • Plumb in new pump (materials are extra)

  • Install new conduit and wiring for pump

  • Add water pump/prime system.

  • Program variable speed for the application.

  • Inspect if the pool meets ASTM main drain requirements.

  • Configure controller if compatible.

  • Visually look over equipment to see if the system seems to run correctly.

  • Haul away old pump to attempt to recycle whatever materials can be.

This price assumes that there is a pad in place to put a new pump and that the plumbing is PVC. If these conditions are not present there will be additional charges to put a pad in or to adapt to copper plumbing.

All materials needed to install the pump are at an additional charge. This installation does not include the installation of valves or any other components, (those are an additional fee).

This price includes the basic programming of speeds on your controller. It does not include full programming of the control system if that is needed it is at an additional charge.

Variable speed pumps cannot always synch with every control system, care is taken to ask questions at the time of purchase. We do our best to ensure the customer has been educated on the requirements. It is possible that your configuration may have to be independent of your controller. If the client would like it to synch we are happy to provide you a free estimate in the easiest way to solve that. Be aware if you have a booster pump and mechanical timers or a configuration that does not synch. The booster pump can run dry if the timers are not synched to the pump timer regularly.

Warranty:  Pumps purchased through All Clear come with a 1 to 10-year guarantee against defects through the manufacturer depending on the Pump model and manufacturer (we act as an intermediary on your behalf). This warranty is from date of installation or purchase. Please visit the manufacturer's website to confirm actual warranty or see paperwork left with you on-site.
*Pump running dry can void manufacturers' warranty. Impellors and internal parts showing heat damage may not be covered. These components are always covered with water so there is no reason they will heat up or show any signs of heat damage unless the pump runs dry. This will be visible, in heat damage to plastic components and vulcanization of rubber.

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