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Pool Light Troubleshoot and

Light Bulb Replacement of One Light


This provides a one trip call to troubleshoot a swimming pool light not working. We need the brand of the light to ensure that it can be done in one call if not we may not have the correct parts to reseal or replace the bulb. If that is the case a second trip will be necessary.

One On-Site Visit of Repair Tech I or higher to perform the following:

  • Check for GFCI branch circuit protection (main panel)

  • Verify power is going through GFCI that protects the light circuit.

  • Verify power is going through switch and that there is power to light at junction box.

  • If power is at junction box and still no illumination, then the following steps:

  • remove one light from Niche,

  • remove clamp assembly and inspect light.

  • Replace bulb and gasket and reassemble test circuit.

Care is taken in removing and inspecting the pool light, however pool lights have a cord attached at the factory that cannot be serviced. The bottom of the light is filled with Epoxy resin and can leak through that point. If this occurs there is no way to fix this and the entire light with cord has to be replaced at that time. Pool Lights can been in the water for up to decades so be aware that even by removing the light and disrupting the cord it can start to leak. We are not responsible for lights leaking after they are serviced.

Additional charges may be necessary if the following conditions occur:

  • Pilot screw is stripped or breaks off when attempting to remove.

  • There is no bond wire attachment to niche or scotchcoat coating is missing

  • Pool light access is limited, too low in pool, or cord does not reach the top deck.

  • There are multiple lights on one circuit. This price only includes one light removal.

Guarantee: It is difficult to make any guarantee that replacing a light and gasket will fix a light assembly. These are the only serviceable parts of the assembly if the light leaks after we install the new gasket and lens then unfortunately it is leaking from the Cord hub assembly which is not field serviceable. That is done at the factory and if it fails it is condemned and the entire light must be replaced. If this is determined within the first 30 days. of repair, then 30% of labor is credited towards the new light fixture with cord cost.

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