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Main Drain Replacement


This provides a one-trip call that will remove and replace the main drain covers in the deep end of the pool.  Utilizing an underwater hand drill if necessary to drill into the current plastic mud ring of the existing main drain and mount a new main drain securely.  This fee is for labor only parts are extra.  If there are additional main drain covers in the pool they can be removed and installed at an additional $35.  per cover as long as it is on the same trip and the parts are on-site or with the technician.

The 2008 ASTM Virginia Graeme Baker Act A112.19.8 (Click here to see if you are compliant), was enacted due to dangerous conditions that can arise due to faulty and poorly designed main drains.  The main drains prior to 2008 were responsible for deaths, drowning and evisceration due to poor installations and poor designs.  The law establishes that all main drains installed prior to 2008 be replaced with new certified covers that meet the new stringent flow requirement increasing the safety of the pool.  This law is retroactive to all pools that have been built so even a 50-year-old pool must be brought into compliance.  This law also sets specific life on all main drains.  most all of them expire in 7 years. 

Main Drain Dives are only scheduled from April through October.  In the case of an emergency in the offseason, a full wet suit fee of an additional $250 must be paid.

In order to make this a one trip call we only need jpegs of the current main drains so we may identify them.  we also need a couple of jpegs of the equipment to determine how much flow will be going to the main drains.  It is critical to know the maximum flow prior to being able to recommend a replacement main drain.

One on-site visit includes:

  • Verify system flow capabilities and verify that the main drain recommended will adhere to the current code.

  • Remove the old main drain

  • Adapt new main drain to mud ring/ drilling into the mud ring if necessary.

  • Install new cover, test to see that it is secure.

If the main drain is noticeably clogged, the tech will need to unclog the main drain with a drain jet, in order for the main drain to work properly.  This they can do with a drain jet, however that is an extra $50. fee and is not guaranteed.  The tech will spend as much as 30 minutes attempting to unclog the line.  However, some main drains have been plugged a long time which allows sediment to build up and almost form a clog hard like concrete that requires larger pressure and volume which then we would have to quote out a water hammer service call which is additional but the main drain can be installed and we can do the Water hammer from the outside of the water.
Warranty:  All clear warranties all cover installations one year from date of installation:  if a cover comes loose within that time, we will go back to the site and remount it one time under warranty, (subject to the months of April through October.  If it occurs in the offseason we must be notified within the year, in order to schedule it in April. if the problem persists, it may be an issue with it being subjected to being pulled on or there is no significant means to attach it properly and we would recommend at that time having the repair done with the pool drained. 

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