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Motor Troubleshoot, Such as Not Turning On,

Very Loud Or Tripping Breaker

One On-Site Visit of Repair Tech I or higher to perform the following:

  • Check for GFCI branch circuit protection.

  • Check for proper voltage to motor. check bond wire attachment.

  • Check motor shaft and bearings for resistance.

  • Check motor capacitor.

  • Verify if new motor needed.

  • Analyze system requirements to meet title 20 California energy commission standards.

  • Provide estimate for replacement.

This service does not include second trip with parts needed to repair that is a separate call that will be on the estimate provided.
Be aware that California title 24 statute requires all new motor installations to be under .95 total horsepower including service factor so that really means 3/4 horsepower motors are the maximum allowed. If it needs more we are required to put in a 2-speed or variable speed application. In most applications a 2-speed pump is not the correct choice due to the energy savings of a variable speed option. 

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