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Pool Equipment Inspection


These inspections are only available in the following zip codes: 95758, 95757, 95624, 95828 & 95829.


All other zip codes may be possible depending on availability. If available, a drive time fee of $129 per hour will be applied.

All inspections are provided by the owner, Deon L. Nesson, who has over 25 years of experience servicing and repairing thousands of pools, is certified as a warranty station for all major brands, and has completed many training courses in the swimming pool industry.

The client will receive the typed inspection within 48 hours sent via email or a printed copy will be available for pick up. Within 72 hours an estimate of repairs needed is also provided.

This provides a scheduled appointment on-site with a Master Repair Tech (25 years experience) to provide a swimming pool inspection covering the following:


  • Visual inspection of all pool equipment:  Filter Pump, filter, pool surface, timer, booster pump Gfci, lights, skimmer, main drain, chlorinator, chlorine generator, heater, W/f  pump, controller, jet pump, air blower, solar, diving board, slide

  • Cartridge filter systems are taken apart and inspected (Diatomaceous Earth (D.E. filters) and sand filters are not taken apart. Rather the pool is inspected to see if there are signs of filter bypass which may require us to do further troubleshooting at an additional charge if requested.

  • Swimming pool heaters are turned on and tested for a few minutes. Be aware it is possible that a heater could have a thermostat issue or a cycling issue that cannot be seen in a basic visual inspection.

  • Electronic controls are inspected and utilized to test basic functionality. The complete programming and checking of all settings require more time which can be done, however, it is not included in this pool equipment inspection.

​​Systems consisting of more than 4 pumps or multiple filter systems or more than one control panel are billed at twice the rate as a standard inspection. These "mega" pools are normally not known until arrival. If this occurs the client has the option to continue at the higher rate or to cancel, which includes a refund of all the inspection fees except for $59 minimum on-site fee.

Inspections do not include instructions on how to use the pool. It is essential that the inspector focus on all that may be wrong with the pool. Distractions of how does this work or what is that can cause us to miss key aspects of pool safety requirements. We can provide an orientation once the home is purchased where we are on-site specifically to teach and inform for the proper use of the existing equipment.

Portable spas are not inspected with the pool. If one is present, a visual inspection can be made at the same time if it is filled with water, then it can be turned on and tested for an additional $79 fee.

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