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Troubleshoot Timer Assembly


One on-site visit Repair tech I or higher to provide the following:

  • Verify GFCI branch circuit protection.

  • Verify proper voltage to sub panel

  • Verify voltage to timer

  • Verify that motor on timer gears are turning.

  • Verify that voltage is being sent to Pump when on.

  • Provide estimate for replacement.

  • verify that timers have insulators to help prevent shock

Customer can save labor by sending a picture of the timer needed and authorize replacement on the troubleshoot call. If that is the case the timer can be installed on this service call.
If a return call is needed to replace the timer assembly, we will discount that return call down to $49 and install the timer needed. Parts needed are at additional charge.
This service call is for electro-mechanical timers and digital timers. However is not for automated control systems that require more training. See electronic controls for those rates.

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