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Repair Services

All Clear Pool and Spa provides our customers with many service options to cover all your pool and equipment needs.  We have trained service techs with years of experience to resolve any issues.

Service Information​

We offer several services package to meet most service needs.  Please use one of the following link to view our current service packages.

This chart lists our different levels of technicians and the hourly cost for each level

Level 1 Tech

  • 40 hours on-site training. 

  • Has basic swimming pool troubleshooting knowledge

  • Can verify voltage going to a pump motor

$99 per hour

Level 2 Tech

  • 200 hours of on-site training

  • Has basic swimming pool troubleshooting knowledge

$129 per hour

Advanced Tech

  • 200 hours of on-site training

  • 40 hours of manufacturer training

  • Over one year of full-time repair experience

$149 per hour

Master Tech

  • 1000+ hours infield training with manufacturers and continuing education courses

  • Has over ten years in-field experience troubleshooting and replacement of equipment

$199 per hour

Repairs disclaimer:
All Clear Pool & Spa is not responsible for items that break or malfunction during the process of conducting service or repair.  There are many unknown conditions that can cause things to break just be doing the routine maintenance we provide.  Sometimes plastic parts break when removed, sometimes clamp bolts or clamps become damaged beyond repair.  All Clear is not responsible for any parts that break during maintenance and repairing of equipment. Rancho Murrieta repairs are limited to weekly service customers only.
Pool Service Disclaimer:
All Clear takes great pride in our workmanship, however, many items wear out as time goes by.  Clamp bolts on filters become damaged the more you open and close the assembly.  Clamps can break, pump lids can crack and sweep parts can break.  All components become more susceptible to breakage over time.  All Clear is not responsible for any items that become broken during normal maintenance of equipment performed by the technicians.

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